The Author Collection

The Chef

Made his own collection
by using ingredients at their maximum potential.


Directly form the chef’s private pantry the purest and most flavoured ingredients are blended together thanks to the secret, legendary recipe of the original Apulian Tarallo.

A symphony of flavour, crunchiness and aroma.
Bite the tradition and feel yourself immersed in its flavour.

Red Pepper

Let yourself be seduced by the spicy intrigue of the best Apulian red peppers

Diavolicchi (little devils), as they’re locally called, have been chosen one by one, with the care and wisdom worthy of a great chef.

A Tarallo for you who uncompromisingly love strong flavours.


The tarallo for true connoisseurs

Taste the perfect balance of two definite and strong flavours, deftly mastered by the chef’s skilled hands.

Opposites attract
and explode with flavours


This story begins with the soil
On which thousands of our ancestors

have walked. Mercilessly arid for those who don’t respect it.

Extraordinarily fertile and life carrier for those who appreciate its value

Dried tomatoes

This tarallo’s intense yet delicate taste is given by Fiaschetto del Tavoliere tomato, dried in the sun.

Rosemary puts finishing touch to this masterpiece, giving it a unique scent

The tarallo of those who like
eating with style