On which thousands of our
ancestors have walked

Mercilessly arid for those who don’t respect it
Extraordinarily fertile and life carrier
for those who appreciate its value


The greatest value
of this story is simplicity

3 ingredients

precious treasures that find their own path along the knotty soil

3 carriers of life,flavour and well-being


Number 3’s magical and ancestral energy crystallized in a ring, endlessly binding Apulia’s cultural heritage.

Such heritage is made by strong and distinct flavours, nowadays known all over the world.

Here comes Tarallo Mascalzone.


This is exactly
Tarallo Mascalzone

An endless love promise to Apulia’s gastronomical and cultural identity, with a solemn commitment.

Of giving back joy, happiness and dignity to this wonderful land, through the products quality and the dignity of all women and men involved in this project. For years, the agricultural market has intensively exploited the potential of the soil, with its obsessive goal of speculative profit, which ended up with the lack of workers’ rights.

Tarallo Mascalzone comes to provide a joyful and sustainable alternative, with a 0 km product on which proud people work: pleased to do this for themselves and for the others For this reason its production method is based on raw materials provided by local producers, all of them bound by ties of relationships of friendship and esteem. A small yet great push towards the diffusion of ethical, sustainable and pleasant work practices.